Sunday, August 31, 2008


So this last week has been a crazy one with lots of sad goodbyes and happy anticipation for college!!! My friends and I had one last shebang before the end of the summer, it wasn't anything to big just dinner and shivers and hanging out at the park watching youtube and the finals for womens gymnastics before the first group of us started school the next day!!

The next morning was a big one for me and Zach, well more me then him but it was the day i climbed Mount Olympus it was a lot of fun and alot of work!! Three hours of strenous hiking uphill and then another hour and a half back down! it was intense but something i will never regret doing!!

The Last few days of me and Zach together we had a lot of fun!! We walked to Tiffanys, took long bike rides, went to the library, watched monk, hung out a ton, broke up ( which is really sad but he is still one of my best friends), Got into lots of fights, not real ones just messy ones like with smores and fingerpaints!

Family Reunion

This year we had an amazing family reunion! It was fun to get together and spend time with my cousins and family members!!! My mom and dad couldnt make it this year so i started the trip with my Grandma and my Uncle Lynn! On our way up there we stopped in Rexburg (Pretty soon that'll be where i live) and spent a few hours running errands, seeing my apartment building, and going to Hogi Yogi where my moms' cousins and aunt manage and own. The night we got there, there was a bonfire the weather was really cold so we all had to bundle up drinking our hot chocolate sitting next to the fire!!

The next day we were pretty much free to do what we want until the bbq that night!! So Jonny, Chantelle, Chris, Zach, and I went 4-wheeling up this really pretty trail that leads to West Yellowstone! Over the past few years 4-wheeling has become one of my favorite things to do at the cabin i love the wind in my hair and just looking at the scenery and having fun while doing it!! Zach and i were the last of the three four wheelers so afterwards we had a ton of dust on our faces, But it was totally worth it!

The last day of the reunion was the most busy!! We had a breakfast with fun games and a auction, and then a lunch where krissy sang and we just hung out and had a really fun time!! The games we played at breakfast were aimed and teenagers! We played 2 truths and a lie which is alot of fun! A little later was lunch which was at the Macks Inn Dinner theater where we ate lots of good food!! For desert they had Huckleberry Ice Cream and cookies which Jonny Jr. went back and ate something like 8 servings of that ice cream!! Must have been really good! Later that day we floated the river, we got a late start so began about a 45 minute float from the cabin! it was alot of fun but really unbelievablely cold!

At the game time for teenagers they gave us these little presents where i got a bracelet that is really cute with smiley faces on it!! I grabbed one for zach mine bein green his favorite color and his being orange my fabvorite color! They became one of our friendship bracelets which i still am wearing!
The past two years at the cabin something traumatic has happened to Chantelle! Last year she crashed and ruined my aunt Jennys 4 wheeler and hurt her tail bone, this year a little different thing happened yet just as traumatic chantelle left her key in our trunk!! which doesnt sound to bad but the closest key was hours away and we didnt really have money to pay for a locksmith!! So we did what any teenager would do.... We tried to break into the car using a hanger! One thing we didnt realize when starting this venture that is really important is none of us know how to do this! So we called in Back up our cousin Robbie who is a cop came over to the rescue to help us! The Car has automatic locks but there isnt a button to press so we had to find a way to do it!! After many attempts of putting the hanger through the window we finally got it in... but the problem was we werent sure how to unlock the door since there wasnt a button! After about twenty minutes of trying we decided to try the passanger side window, the hanger goes in slowly but that much pressure shattered the window!! When a window breaks it looks really cool kind of like a snowflake the way that the pattern in the window developed!! So after all the craziness of trying to deal with the window was over we had to drive home problem was we had a broken window so the drive home was a bit cold and really loud! As we were pulling into Pocatello we noticed that there was some huge rain clouds and we were going to get wet so we pulled out a cardboard box with the design of pampers the diapers so we drove the rest of the way home with a daiper box on our passenger window, which by the way we looked up and it is illegal to have the passenger windows covered!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Two months ago i graduated from high school!! It was the most exciting, nervous, scary thing that i have ever experienced. That week of Graduation i had a lot of fun and sad things happening such as the yearbook stomp and saying goodbye to alot of my friends.

One of the last projects in Art History that we did this year was chalk drawing, my friend Kaitlin and Katie helped me out on this one( well to be honest all i really did was color it in) Kaitlin did all the outlines)

My Summer


My SUmmer so Far has been really great!! A few of my friends Aaron, Katie, Marina, and my twin sister go hiking (or try to) once a week!! it is a nice way to get into shape and just have fun

We have gone to some fun places such as Suicide Rock, Some really cold rock canyon up in little CottonWood Canyon, and a bunch of fun trails up Mill Creek Canyon!!

Other then Hiking i have been Working making sandwhiches not the most exciting job but it is good play and the people i work with are awesome!!!


Zach is my boyfriend and my Best Friend!! he is there whenever i need him to talk to me or just listen if that is what i need!! He is one of the most amazing people that i have ever met!! he is brilliantly smart and is attending the University of Utah, he is so sweet and nice, he has the best personality!! I just love him so much!!